Sue GoodwinAbout Sue Goodwin

Since early childhood plants have been a source of delight, comfort and inspiration to me. One of the first wild plants I recognized as being medicinal was Water Mint which has a delightful fragrance and intriguing purple stems. My name Purplemint Woman was give to me in a dream and it connects me to this experience and to the dream of my life which has been to work with plants, people and healing.

I love to help people achieve greater levels of health and well being and thereby grow into more of their potential. I particularly enjoy working with people who want to explore the connections between their physical health and their mental-emotional-spiritual life. My approach to healing could be called integrative and eclectic. It is always evolving as I pursue my passion for deeper understanding of what makes us well and what makes us sick and search for effective methods of healing that will get below the symptoms to the underlying causes.

Sue Goodwin - Shamanic HealingMy Training

I qualified as a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, after a four year training, and set up my herbal practice in 1983.Since then I have gone on to extend my knowledge and gain more healing skills, studying nutrition and dietary therapy, flower remedies, iridology, energy healing and shamanism.

In 2004 I began my study of Plant Spirit Medicine and the Chinese 5 Elements, qualifying as a practitioner in 2006.

I am involved in continuing professional development in herbal medicine, plant spirit medicine and shamanic healing. I am also committed to my own journey of self-exploration, healing and growth.

Sue Goodwin - medical herbalistTeaching

I have taught Herbal Medicine for the Adult Education Services. I have also been a clinical tutor at a NIMH teaching clinic in Manchester and have taught case history taking to herbal medicine students at the University of East Lancashire.

Currently I am sharing the teachings of the Medicine Wheel and introducing people to Plant Spirit Medicine and Journeying (See Events).


Sue creates a powerful healing environment in which difficult and challenging issues can be brought safely to light. My experience has been that with the acknowledgement of Spirit, she facilitates the client's own healing process and that process is allowed to run its course unimpeded. Her particular skills address a client's concerns on physical mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Her service to me has consequently been entirely unique. M.B


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