Shamanic Healing Arts 

What are the benefits?

  • healing to old wounds of the psyche

  • support and guidance through life crises, transitions and long term illness

  • helps restore lost energy

  • augments the self-healing power of body and psyche

Shamanic Healing ArtsShamanism is a world-wide tradition, pre-dating organized religions, that recognizes that Spirit moves through everything — humans, plants, animals, trees, rocks-and that all things are manifestations of Divine Energy.

The term shaman comes from Siberia, denoting a person who journeys in an altered state of consciousness usually induced by rhythmic drumming or rattling, in order to call on the spirit worlds for help, guidance and insight, on behalf of individuals and /or the community. The shamans say we need to talk to the plants, the trees, the animals and our ancestors, because our lives and our spirits are connected to theirs.

In the past 30 years or so there has been an enormous resurgence of interest in shamanism, in all its different cultural forms, and many western anthropologists and healers have studied with indigenous shamans and are bringing these teachings back to the West.

We now have access to traditional wisdom, healing methods and practices, such as Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval and Energy Body Healing, that are helping us reconnect with the Web of Life and return to our roots as we heal the deeper levels of our being. Shamanism is helping us find a saner world view, that sees humans as relatives of the plants, animals and rocks, rather than a dominant species that is trying to control nature, and healing as something we undertake not just for ourselves alone, but for all our relations.

Shamanic Healing ArtsShamanic journeying is the traditional method used by shamans to enter a trance state in order to connect with the spirits. Journeying enables us to open the doorway into our inner worlds, to connect with intuitive wisdom and ancient collective memory, with plants or animal spirits, with spirit guides or ancestors. The intention may be for healing, for guidance and insight, for restoring lost energy and a sense of direction in life. Shamanic journeying is an enriching experience that helps us live more soulfully.

I offer sessions where I can guide you to journey into non-ordinary reality, through the drum beat, to retrieve power animals for example or to follow your own quest.

I am also available for one to one lessons in shamanic journeying, so that you can learn to use this valuable technique for yourself, and I also offer occasional group workshops (see Events).

I felt at ease with Sue, comfortable and relaxed.  The shamanic work we did was deep, quite fundamental to my life and revealing, it is still helping me, but it felt light and easy, very safe.

Sue has a lot of empathy and insight, and can lead without taking over or interfering in your own journey in any way. She has a lot of rock solid experience and knowledge, she's a rare find.

Shamanic Healing ArtsSoul retrieval work is a ancient healing practice that helps restore lost power, re-integrating fragments of the soul/psyche that have been ‘lost' through trauma. Illness of the mind, body and spirit are deeply interconnected with soul losses we have experienced. Soul loss can make us feel as though we are not truly present, not completely ourselves and that there is "something missing". Through a shamanic trance journey into non-ordinary reality, the lost soul parts can be located and returned. This healing work can change the vibration of the energy body and aura and restore the soul's brilliance and resilience, helping us recover from past physical and emotional traumas.

In a soul retrieval session, which typically lasts about two hours, we explore your needs and set an intention for the trance journey. I usually journey for you, but there may be occasions where it is more appropriate for you to undertake the journey for yourself with my guidance. We visit the chambers of the soul, where we find expressed in symbolic form the emotional experiences of past wounding, the negative contracts that have been entered into, your gifts and blessings and a power animal that will help you be in touch with your natural instincts. Afterwards there is time to talk about the experience and I give you follow up advice and suggestions.

I was amazed at the power and depth of the experience. Even though I have been in therapy for many years, these experiences with Sue moved me on with regard to some early traumas in a way that I had not been able to touch before.

I felt safe with Sue despite going into some very difficult areas of my psyche, and was grateful for the sense of personal power that I felt left with, in particular identifying my animal allies who have remained close to me ever since. Thank you Sue!

Energy Healing

Shamanic Healing ArtsThe physical body has an energetic body surrounding it, that is sustained by Universal Energy, from the earth and sky. The flow of energy can be distorted, blocked or put out of balance by stress, trauma and illness.

I have developed my own way of working, drawing inspiration from ancient healing practices, that clears stuck or blocked energy from the auric field and enhances vitality and well-being. I work mainly off the body, using my hands and sometimes feathers and crystals as I work to rebalance the energy body. This kind of healing is suitable for a one-off session, or a series of sessions. It works on many levels, from deep relaxation to the release of old wounding and deeper lasting change.

My experience

My journey into shamanism came out of my need to heal my own soul wounds and my desire to deepen the healing work I do with others.

I have studied with various teachers of shamanism in the last 10 years. I have a particular affinity with the Medicine Wheel teachings of the Americas. Currently, through the shamanic work I do with plants and trees I find myself drawn to the ancient druidic traditions of this land. I am committed to on-going personal healing and further training in shamanism.


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